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What do we offer?

Design – creation of all types of vertical transport projects – preliminary designs, final designs and detailed designs for platforms, elevators, and escalators, for existing and new buildings, drafting of modernisation projects for existing elevators

Our own production of elevators and modernisation of existing elevators – we offer services of production, delivery and installation for all types of elevators (hydraulic, electric), platforms (vertical, inclined), and escalators – a turnkey solution.

Projektiranje dizala


An experienced team of our employees is at the disposal of clients from the preliminary solution/proposal stage to the realisation of the project – project management, installation and commissioning, and maintenance. Our employees are trained, qualified, and equipped to execute and implement all individual stages of elevator delivery and installation.


Elevator installation is performed by our staff, employees of the METUS group – the guarantee of the quality of the installation (which differentiates us from our competitors who predominantly rely on cooperants) – 250 installers are employed on installation tasks within the METUS group.


We offer recording and design services for technical solution proposals for elevator and platform installation in existing buildings. We also offer modernisation services for existing elevators and platforms.


Our experienced team can offer an optimal solution for each situation (for private houses, business buildings, residential buildings, hotels, production facilities, retirement homes, hospitals), as well as respond to the client’s every request through our own wide production programme or in cooperation with renowned foreign producers (CIBES, VIMEC, SKG – primarily in the area of platforms).


Which type of services do you offer?2021-02-17T07:10:49+00:00

We offer production, design, installation, servicing, and modernisation services for elevators, access ramps, and escalators, all services related to vertical transport. As opposed to our competitors, we perform everything ourselves, usually without cooperants.

Which documents are required for elevator installation?2021-02-17T07:17:17+00:00

This depends on the type of elevator and the project. For some elevators, no additional documentation is necessary, and some require different permits. To answer this question, we need the address of the building, photographs, the desired position for the elevator installation (within the building/stairway or outside). Each project is specific.

What types of subventions are there for the purchasing or modernisation of elevators and access ramps?2021-02-17T07:22:06+00:00

There are different types of subventions and assistance available when purchasing elevators and access ramps. We do not offer consultation and tender application services, but we can advise you and draft the project documentation. You need to apply to the tender on your own or with the help of a consultant/manager.

I want to instal/modernise an elevator, what are the first steps?2021-02-17T07:24:17+00:00

The first step is to reach an agreement with other co-owners/residents, and after that contact us at or 01 2092 180 for further steps


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