Production of complete elevators for residential, business and production facilities and modernization of existing elevators.

In addition to the standard program, we offer vertical and inclined platform lifts, escalators, and elevators according to the client’s wishes.

By using quality parts and materials, we ensure the safety and longer durability of the product. Development and production processes take place in Croatia, Samobor. Anyone interested can come for a tour of the factory, where they can get to know the production process in detail and see live how elevator production looks like. For a tour of the production, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance.

Our own development office and modern production machine park enable us great flexibility and realization of demanding projects. We can adapt to each client in the design, installation and performance of elevators and platforms at favorable and affordable prices with top quality. You can choose one of our standard MARLY-B elevators or a personalized elevator. Our engineers and designers can design an elevator just for you according to all your wishes, which gives you an elevator tailored to you as well as a personalized and unique design..

In the Industrial Zone of Vučilov Brig in Tomislavgrad, in 2022, a new production plant of the company Metus was officially opened. The location is also the headquarters for service, maintenance and modernization of elevators in the region. Following the model of the factory in Croatia, a specialized assembly school was organized here as well. One classroom is equipped, and in the driving shaft, participants learn about elevator assembly, where our experienced fitters give practical classes and training to younger staff.

Metus proizvodnja Tomislavgrad

Marly-B Croatian elevator of our own production