2 elevators on vertical rails installedthe top floor can be reached in less than 30 secondsoutstanding elevator design

Mercedes-Benz Welt, Stuttgart

The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart consists of 9 levels and an area of 16,500 m2.

In the museum you can see the legendary Mercedes-Benz vehicles as well as the latest breathtaking ones.

The architects of the museum are UNStudio, Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos, Amsterdam, and METUS has been entrusted with the task of installing high-tech modern elevators.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is one of the symbols not only of Stuttgart but of the entire German and automotive industry, so we are even prouder to be a part of this story.

47.5 m

Building height

4800 m²

Total area



210.000 m³

The covered space area

16500 m2

Total exhibition space

Total number of exhibits: 1500: of which 160 vehicles, 1 ship, 2 aircraft, 19 motorbikes, 1 bicycle

Length of the museum tour: 5 km

Cable length 630 km

Length of heating pipes: 100 km

Quantity of heating water contained: 33,000 l

Number of bulbs: 12,000

Number of total construction plans / projects: 35,000