Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart, Germany


Lifestyle, Business & Wellbeing Podcasts Mercedes-Benz Welt, Stuttgart The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart consists of 9 levels and an area of 16,500 m2. In the museum you can see the legendary Mercedes-Benz vehicles as well as the latest breathtaking ones. The architects of the museum [...]

Stockholm Brf City, Sweden


Lifestyle, Business & Wellbeing Podcasts Stockholm Brf City, Sweden   In Stockholm, we also participated in the construction of the Brf City mini-residential area. The concept is to build an entire smart residential area, which provides its tenants with all the necessary infrastructure in order [...]

IKEA, Slovenija, Ljubljana BTC City


IKEA Slovenia, Ljubljana BTC City Opening of the first IKEA store in Slovenia: METUS was entrusted with the solutions for vertical passenger transport, which includes elevators from our production as well as the installation of escalators. We are extremely proud to be recognized as a reliable, safe, and high-quality [...]

Luxembourg Learning Center Belval


Luxembourg Learning Center Belval   The Luxembourg Learning Center (LLC) is part of the Belval University Campus in the south of Luxembourg, which also includes the university library. The library is located in the old industrial ironworks (“Möllerei”). This ironworks, which processed iron and steel, was a symbol of [...]

Residence Palace Brussels Europa building


Lifestyle, Business & Wellbeing Podcasts Residence Palace Brussels Europa building   The Palace of Europe, designed by Belgian architect Michel Polak, opened in 1922, the seat of the European Council and the Council of the European Union in Brussels. In 2017, it was completely renovated, [...]

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