Our core business activity is designing, executing and maintaining residential, public, business and private lifts.

Our longterm work and the pursuit of high professional standards have resulted in a series of projects and performances of representative elevators. Each individual project is tailored to the specific requirements of the client, the object itself and its purpose, so that the final solution meets all aesthetic and functional requirements.

- All of the elevators we have installed are equipped with an independent power supply (battery), which in the event of a permanent power supply failure lowers the elevator to the lowest station and opens the door.

- We employ 320 highly skilled employees who work daily on new or upgraded solutions.

We offer professional teams all over the world, fast capacity transfer, and we can produce special talior-made customer solutions. We incorporate all types of elevators from kitchen to HIGH RISE elevators, we are also specialized in the installation of cargo and panoramic elevators. As one of Europe's leading elevator companies, we work with renowned companies such as Thyssen Krupp, Schindler, Tepper, Kone, Otis, Riedl, Haushahn and other smaller elevator companies.
Our goal is to fulfill yours!

20 years of experience

Metus d.o.o. was founded by Mr. Tomislav Medić 2009. , with a vast experience in elevator construction, acquired in a family company founded in 1992. More than 24,800 built-in elevators in collaboration with renowned world-class vertical transport companies.


Our Experience and High Quality Standards provide us with continuous projects and installations in Croatia, Europe and all over the world. Each project is tailored to the specific needs of the client, the facility and the intended purpose, so our solutions meet all aesthetic and functional needs.

The best team

Today, we employ 250 highly qualified employees who work and expand their knowledge on projects around the world. Our primary business is manufacturing, installation and maintenance of public, business, and private elevators.

Competitive Prices

We create competitive advantage with our own resources and our employees abilities. We manage our knowledge and provide quality support . Our growth is based on experience resulting in lower costs and accelerating of internal processes.